A lot of parents ask orthodontists about the changes involving braces over the years. Without question, there has been technological advancements in orthodontics as well as new enhancements which has resulted to the emergence of self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces are among the cutting-edge orthodontic treatment methods available at TDR orthodontics Birmingham braces geared to improve orthodontic treatment and make it better for your particular orthodontic needs. To explain better about the new braces they self-ligating braces work, let us first go into how the traditional metal braces function. Brackets positioned on teeth are fixed on an archwire is held in place using ties. The role of the ties is controlling the tension of wire. The ties are squeezed to active the wires and initiate tooth movement. See page to get started.

With self-ligating braces, you don’t have to use the ties. They have built-in clips to reinforced the archwires that are shrunk to fit the bracket’s low-profile contour. This lets the archwires move without constraints, ensuring that there is efficient and comfortable tooth movement. You or your child stand to benefit a lot from the self-ligating braces and to know more about them, consider reading this guide.

One paramount reason to consider self-ligating braces is that they are much smaller and less invisible compared to the old-fashioned braces. Through technological advancements braces are now miniaturized making them less conspicuous and more comfortable wearing. Self-ligating braces are described as an ideal blend between traditional clear braces and invisible aligners. It’s an orthodontic procedure that is more invisible than most other solutions, a significant benefit for those embarrassed about wearing the traditional brackets and wires. Click here to check out Birmingham braces.

A key disadvantage with the traditional braces is hindrance in keeping proper dental hygiene because the bands or wires facilitate the buildup of plaque and bacteria which are hard to get to when cleaning. Improper dental hygiene encourages various adverse dental health complications including cavity. The self-ligating braces have no metal wires that will trap food particles and cavity-inducing bacteria guaranteeing that cleaning of teeth is much more effective and easier.

Additionally, they assist in fast results as they promote more movement for shorter treatment duration. The braces promote less friction of teeth encouraging faster recuperation. So the treatment will last for a shorter period. You are guaranteed to have the perfect smile in the shortest period compared to other orthodontic treatments.

Lastly, self-ligating braces make a much more convenient orthodontic treatment than the other kinds of orthodontic treatments. The braces need minute tuning compared to the traditional metal brackets, minimizing your appointments. As such, you save more time and money considering that you don’t have to fit lots of appointments in your schedule.

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